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We believe that construction is a man made wonder. The thought of bringing imagination to real life structures excites us, each and every day the passion in us grows as we contribute to this industry. It gives us ample satisfaction that we are contributing to your happiness, your lifetime dream and our country’s growth/development.

Our team believes in providing the ‘right quality for the right price’ and it is one of our purposes of existence.

Why Choose House Hunt ?

Planning & Development

We find a property for the build, initial concept pre-designs, and do an architectural planning and the foundation of the construction process.

We ensure that the client dreams up the building they want.


Once you’ve somehow managed to be realistic without shattering your client’s hopes and dreams, plans or a design get drawn up. For the first time, you get to see what the project will look like when it is finished.




This is the “getting ready to start building” phase. This part includes a team of professionals like.

  • A project manager
  • A superintendent
  • A field engineer

We ensure the right people of the job ,in finding the labor, equipment, and building materials.

With  having a lot of varied delivery schedules and a lot of vendors we need to juggle, We keep in mind of one this only, Thats is when you take a site visit should have the feeling  that you have handed your deram to right people’s hand.


Creating project workflows for each team and stage of the process is essential, but it’s even more necessary to keep everything working smoothly.

We make sure that each team involved must be on time and following plans for things to work in a timly manner

Hand Over

We have constant contact and working together seamlessly across an intricate group of tasks and deadlines.

Everything is built but you aren’t done yet. Now you have to inspect everything. The final checklist, called a project punch list, has to be signed off on before the client moves in. That final walkthrough inspection checks that everything was finally finished correctly and ready for hand over.


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Looking For A Right Partner To Help buidl your dreame house? Look no further for a genuine, transparent & professional advice from our expert team. 

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Client Testimonials

Sankar was really polite and well explained us about project with which we we booked our first flat without hassle free experience.Moreover hr also suggested us about interiors too and didn’t compel us with any of their ideas which we were impressed much.Looking forward to work again

Keerthi Gnanaprakash

These guys are professionals, they understand your needs and based on that they show the right property.
The processing was smooth right from initial site visits to the registration of the property. Very happy with the recent purchase of our villa.Much recommended for people who need a hassle free experience in buying your dream house.

Goutham J

House hunt made our dream home purchase simpler. They assisted us perfectly well in choosing the right type of apartment. As a first time home buyer, I had numerous doubts on how to choose and so on, the expert team of househunt guided us excellently in choosing our dream home. To securely purchase your dream home, househunt should be the best choice. I recommend them in all aspects and the way they receive ànd handle the customers awesome. 

Senthil Kumar

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